Services & Rates

Equipped with a background in corporate business and marketing, I approach every relationship with professionalism. I submit beautifully-written copy on time, every time. Organizations hire me to produce well-written, practical content that fully communicates their brand and product value.


I've studied, conducted research for, and written web copy, email sales and and drip campaign copy, article and blog content, social media copy, personal and business bios, Amazon sales pages, and more.


I've applied my knack for grammar, spelling, and sentence flow to perfecting commercial treatments, investment magazines, training materials, LinkedIn pages, resumes, video scripts, and more.

Copy Strategy

I've worked with clients to build and execute content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, and SEO strategy that has educated readers, converted audiences, and increased revenue.

When you hire me, you commission not only a refined skill but also a complete editorial service. I don't just write; I also:

  • Work to familiarize myself with your target audience
  • Conduct extensive research to produce copy that'll set your organization apart
  • Optimize your web content for search engines
  • Format your content for readability
  • Deliver years of copywriting research and expertise alongside each of my projects

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My rates are not hourly. I quote flat, project-based fees to charge for the value and ROI of my work – and the value it brings to your business. Here's an idea of what I charge:

  • Blog posts and articles start at $200 for a 500-word piece.
  • Web copy and landing pages start at $250 per page, with a limit of 800 words per page.
  • Email copy starts at $150 per email, with a 3 to 4 email minimum.

If you're interested in more detailed pricing or a custom quote, contact me here.