Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions I’m commonly asked about my services, background, and expertise.

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Do you work full-time?

Yes, I’m employed by HubSpot (a.k.a. my dream job). I still do freelance content marketing. consulting, and speaking on the side!

Where can i see your published work?

Visit this page to read some of my highlighted pieces. Otherwise, you can see my entire portfolio here.

How did you get into freelance writing?

Whew. That’s a long one. I’m in the midst of writing a long-form blog post detailing my background. If you’d like to chat about my experience or ask any questions, feel free to reach out. I love telling my story!

where do you live?

I’m based in Chicago and am originally from Louisville, Kentucky.


Yes. In 2016, I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Marketing and International Business minor.

Do you have a blog or newsletter?

I primarily focus on developing content for HubSpot and other clients, but I do blog here and there.

Fun fact: If you’re looking for an awesome newsletter about freelance writing and other cool things, check out my friend/mentor Kaleigh Moore’s newsletter here.

What do your rates and pricing?

I’m currently building out a pricing one-pager. In the meantime, contact me to learn more!