Allie grew up in an entrepreneurial family, all members of which were granted different talents and strengths. From a young age, Allie was poised as writer, editor, and human thesaurus for her family members' websites, college essays, Christmas cards, and email blasts. Many a time would she hear, "Allie, what would you caption this?" Or, "Allie, is this comma in the right place?"

Thankfully, Allie enjoyed acting as the family scribe, and her uncanny knack for grammar and Merriam's word-of-the-day was soon on call for her classmates' papers and coworkers' presentations. As she progressed from child to student to employee, Allie always led with her love for writing and the Oxford comma.

Allie is equipped with experience writing and curating content for blog posts, web copy, social media content, training materials, personal bios, commercial treatments, product descriptions, emails, and technical articles. Her passions and niche topics include digital marketing, small business, and personal career development.